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OLE Offers Water with Railway Safety Message

Life cannot exist without water. Water is needed for survival for people, animals and birds, not to mention the fish. To put it simple: life on our planet could not exist if there was no water. The main purpose of activities of NPO Operation Lifesaver Estonia (OLE) is to save lives through railway safety promotion. In order to bring its safety message closer to the audience, OLE and Saare Foods launched bottled drinking water carrying the railway safety message “LET'S SAVE LIVES – LET THE TRAIN PASS!”

Water is an irreplaceable nutrient that facilitates metabolism, renewal of cells and disposes extra fat. Water also helps to regulate our body temperature. Therefore, drinking water is a good way for keeping fit and healthy. As important as drinking water is being cautious whilst crossing railway – otherwise drinking water might no longer help.

OLE’s bottled water tastes equally good as the famous “Saaremaa Water” from the source water of Viidumäe Natural Reserve in the South Western part of the Saaremaa island. The water is naturally clean, has low content of mineral salts and sodium and suits perfectly for daily consummation.

By choosing “Saaremaa Water” with OLE’s label the companies can join the circle of those who consider railway safety important and want to contribute to it on a daily basis. Offering OLE’s water to your customers and cooperation partners shows that you care of people’s life and health without spending any money from your advertising budget.

We can do more by joining our efforts – we can make crossing railways safer and bodies healthier.

You can contact OLE’s team for ordering “Let’s Save Lives – Let the Train Pass!” water by calling 6156777 or sending an E-mail to .


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