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Railway Safety Week 2009

Railway Safety Week
27 April – 3 May, 2009

The fifth annual Railway Safety Week was organised to remind people the dangers involved in railway transport. In addition to the advertising campaign “Let the train pass”, presentations about railway safety are made in various parts of Estonia. During the campaign was started the installation of warning signs and railway safety activists were invited to the “Golden Level Crossing Gates 2009” award ceremony.

“The Railway Safety Week is organised already for the fifth time to remind people about the dangers present on railways,“ said Tamo Vahemets, Chairman of NPO Operation Lifesaver Estonia (OLE). “The Railway Safety Week” included a media campaign with the main message “Let the train pass! Let us save lives!” conducted in open space, radio and printed media. By doing that we try to increase people’s awareness about dangers related to crossing railway that concern both pedestrians and motor vehicles. We are also making railway safety presentations all over Estonia and start the installation of warning signs,“ explained Tamo Vahemets.

“OLE and Estonian Railways start the installation of warning signs reminding that walking on railway is prohibited and trespassers can be punished under law. In 2009 we install in total 150 additional warning signs,“ said Tamo Vahemets. “Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu cities will be decorated with posters carrying the railway safety message. The posters depict Sparkies – the pupils of the eye of the Traffic Light Boy. The Sparkies call on people to notice trains and other dangers present on railway.”

“Golden Level Crossing Gates 2009” Award Ceremony includes:

• summarising the activities and achievements of the previous year;
• introducing plans for the current year;
• handing over the “Golden Level Crossing Gates” award to a natural or legal person facilitating railway safety efforts during the previous year. Meanwhile, railway safety cannot be this person’s daily profession;
• presenting for the first time the Best Presenter award to those whose presentations in the field of railway safety have received a lot of positive feedback;
• OLE receiving a check for 250,000 Estonian kroons from the Estonian Railway Culture Foundation for developing railway safety in 2009;
• thanking all the helpers.

Since its early days, NPO Operation Lifesaver Estonia (OLE) ( has worked towards joining companies, organisations and persons who consider railway safety important in order to improve people’s awareness about dangers present on railway through coordinated activities and thereby reduce the number of people killed in railway accidents. OLE was founded on November 19, 2004 and the organisation follows the principles of Operation lifesaver Inc. ( founded in 1972 by the Association of American Railroads, National Railroad Passenger Cooperation and Railroad Promotion Institute and acts as an affiliate of this organisation.

Additional information:
Tamo Vahemets
NPO Operation Lifesaver
Chairman of Management Board

Phone 615 6777,
GSM 504 5112

Campaign poster

RSW 2009 poster
Campaign clip

RSW campaign message is communicated by the Sparkies – "Let the train pass! Let us save lives!”

You can watch the clip here (Under advertising clips)


Campaign banner

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