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OL Railway safety campaigns
OLE safety campaign "Let the train pass!"

Railway campaign “Let the train pass! You are expected home for Christmas” starts again

On 15 December starts the Christmas campaign of the Technical Surveillance Authority and NPO Operation Lifesaver Estonia (OLE) “Let the train pass! You are expected home for Christmas”. The objective of the campaign is to increase people’s awareness and save lives lost in railway traffic. The campaign costs around half a million Estonian kroons.

“Although the number of people killed in railway accidents is not comparable with the number of lives lost in road traffic, each life is still invaluable and even one fatality is not acceptable,“ said Director General of Technical Surveillance Authority Raigo Uukkivi. “This year’s railway accidents have resulted in 8 fatalities”.

“Railway safety is an inalienable part of general traffic culture. If we deal systematically with improving traffic culture we also improve the overall behaviour. People are becoming more aware and alert,“ said Police Director Tarmo Miilits. “There are no so-called dangerous level crossings if we look at motor vehicle – train collisions. There are accidents happening all around Estonia.“

 Operation Lifesaver is an international non-profit organisation dealing with railway safety whose objective is to reduce the number of railway accidents, as well as the number of persons killed and injured.

Chairman of OLE, Tamo Vahemets, explained that the campaign should remind to the general public that each one of us is expected home and we should not forget the dangers present on railway during Christmas rush. “The campaign “Let the rain pass. You are expected home for Christmas.” Is organised in cooperation with the Technical Surveillance Authority, Estonian Police, Estonian Railways and Edelaraudtee. The message of the campaign that cost half a million kroons is communicated through all media channels. Our message should reach everybody, make us think and behave more carefully in traffic,“ said Tamo Vahemets. “The campaign we developed for Estonia has been so successful that the same advertising materials are now used for OL Christmas campaign organised in the United States.“

“It is essential for Estonian Railways to make traffic on our railway infrastructure as safe as possible,” said Member of Management Board of Estonian Railways Indrek Orav. “Estonian Railway’s objectives are mostly related to freight transport and infrastructure maintenance. Creating a safe traffic environment is one of our daily tasks: we install fences, renovate level crossings, etc. By supporting OLE’s activities we want to be involved in increasing people’s awareness,“ told Indrek Orav.

Chairman of Edelaraudtee’s Management Board Kalvi Pukka said that knowing the dangers present on railway and taking them into account is essential for those involved in railway traffic. “A locomotive driver cannot do much for avoiding an accident and this makes noticing trains even more important for pedestrians and motor vehicle drivers. We hope that the campaign message displayed in all passenger train wagons reaches thousands of people,“ said Kalvi Pukka.


Additional information:

Raigo Uukivi
Director General of Technical Surveillance Authority

Tamo Vahemets
Chairman of Management Board of Operation Lifesaver Estonia
TL (+372) 615 6777
MB (+372) 504 5112

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