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2nd Grade Pupils Win "You Can" Creativity Contest
| 19.12.2010

On December 18, 2010 OLE thanked in cafeteria “Brezzo” of Rakvere Põhjakeskus the outstanding pupils of the Lääne-Viru County and their teachers who contributed to the new railway safety campaign to be launched in 2011.

The Eastern Police Prefecture, Operation Lifesaver Estonia (OLE), an international non-profit organisation dealing with railway safety, and Lääne-Viru County Government announced in November a creativity contest focusing on railway safety called "YOU CAN!"
You can – make your friends aware of the dangers present on railways.
You can – explain to your close ones how to cross railways safely.
You can – make life safer.
You can – influence the public opinion by participating in the railway safety creativity contest.
The objective of the creativity contest taking place for the second year was discussing railway safety issues and increase public awareness about dangers present on railways. The more general objective is reducing the number of people killed in railway accidents. The organisers of the contest expected to receive different sorts of artwork: videos, pictures, writing, music, etc.

“The main task of the police is helping citizens, ensuring public order and safety. This applies both to the country as whole and smaller parts of Estonia. Preventive work and sharing information on safe behaviour constitutes an important part of police work. We organise and participate in many cooperation projects and campaigns dealing with prevention. Such cooperation and striving towards common goals helps in preventing possible negative consequences, “ explained Aldis Alus, Police Prefect of Eastern Police Prefecture.

Chairman of the Board of Operation Lifesaver Estonia Tamo Vahemets said that he was extremely happy that such contest is becoming a tradition. The main goal for this year was finding new angles for railway safety promotion work. The best work or its idea would be definitely used by Operation Lifesaver Estonia in the new railway safety campaign envisaged for 2011.

The contest was organised for all the 1st -9th grade pupils of the Lääne-Viru County and their teachers. There was in total 44 pupils from four schools of Lääne-Virumaa sending their ideas to the contest. As the number of ideas was bigger than in the previous year, the panel had to be stricter in its assessment. The panel took into account the level of creativity and originality of the ideas, as well as their topicality and realisation.
The winners were selected in three age categories. The panel picked the best works on December 13 and the names of the winners are published on Operation Lifesaver Estonia web site:

The best artwork was chosen based on the integrity of the idea and the first prize was given to the 2nd graders of Põlula Basic School Elys Sammul, Kati Kivisaar, Ingrit Tasane, Karin Kriisa, Stiven Ditman, Lauri Kaasik and Keio Rehe, teacher Inge Korka. The winning work consisted of a study material on railway safety designated to basic school students: “MY LITTLE TRAIN BOOK” workbook with an answer book and a game called “TAKE A TRAIN”, as well as card game “TRAIN DRIVER” and railway safety traffic signs that can be shown in front of a classroom.

Lääne-Viru County Governor Einar Vallbaum thanked all the active pupils and their teachers participating in the project and wishing to improve the awareness of fellow citizens. “The Lääne-Viru County Government has always supported such great projects and we are willing to do it also in the forthcoming years,“ said Vallbaum.
OLE was looking for new ideas that could be used in its preventive work and received many good ideas that we can continue working on. We are extremely grateful to everybody who took their time to participate and made an effort.

Results of the creativity contest

First prize – 2nd grade of Põlula Basic School: Elys, Sammul; Kati Kivisaar, Ingrit Tasdane, Karin Kriisa, Stiven Ditman, Lauri Kaasik, Keio Rehe and teacher Inge Korkla

1st-3rd graders
2nd prize - Rakvere High School, Jaspar Lina, teacher Katrin Välba
3rd prize - Rakvere High School, Janari Alavere, teacher Katrin Välba
special prize - Rakvere High School, Laura Dagmar Maasing, teacher Katrin Välba

4th-6th graders
1st prize - Rakvere High School of Sciences, Rainer Bõkov, teacher Ly Heinpalu
special prize - Rakvere High School of Sciences, Martin Moldau and Sander Moldau, teacher Ly Heinpalu
special prize- Sõmeru Basic School, Helen Õispuu, teacher Alla Tsupsman

7th-9th graders
no prizes were given

Railway safety scholarships were granted to:
Põlula Basic School - 5000 Estonian kroons,
Rakvere High School - 3000 Estonian kroons,
Rakvere High School of Sciences – 3000 Estonian kroons.

OLE looks forward to meeting you during our new projects and activities!

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