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OLE’s Activities Ranked Highly in USA
| 02.09.2010

In the end of August an international symposium of Operation Lifesaver was held in Baltimore (USA). The symposium was called “NAVIGATING RAIL SAFETY – IT´S COMMON SENSE” and OLE was represented there by Chairman of the Board Tamo Vahemets and Project Manager Birgit Vahemets. The main topic of the symposium was the use of social media and its importance in conducting safety work. The participants tried to determine how to find proper tools for reaching young audience.

During the symposium were organised several training sessions and workshops where OLE was eagerly participating.
In the international experience session of the symposium presentations were made by Sue Nelson (UK), Sanna Mäkitalo (Finland), Sergio Tempone with his wife (Argentina), Dan Di Tota (Canada) and Birgit Vahemets.

The youngest presenter in the symposium, Birgit, spoke first. She presented an overview of railway safety activities in Estonia and Europe. The presentation was warmly received by the audience, the work of OLE was recognised and people were surprised how OLE has been able to put itself on the map during such a short period of time. OLE’s efforts were highly valued also by the President of OL Inc., Helen Sramek, who stressed the importance of sharing experience at the international level. She said that learning about each other’s experience helps to achieve quick results and save costs. Samrek also mentioned that she looks forward to her presentation at the “Let’s Save Lives” conference to be held in Tallinn on March 15-16, 2011.

Dan Di Tota, the coordinator of the international panel, was happy to admit that according to the feedback the panel was highly valued by the audience and had a full house despite to its early start (8.15 in the morning).

OLE brought as souvenirs finger puppet Sparkies made by hand by … and OLE T-shirts, which became growingly popular after OLE’s presentation. Unfortunately we had not enough souvenirs for everybody but those interested will get their gifts by mail.

The following international symposium of Operation Lifesaver Inc. will be held in 2010 in Denver, Colorado (USA).


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