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OL Railway safety campaigns
Railway Safety Week (24-30 April 2006)
The tradition of organising railway safety weeks started in Estonia in 2005. We want to continue with this tradition so that the railway safety week would become an annual prevention campaign. This year’s safety week takes place from April 24 to April 30.

The objective of the railway safety week is making the general public aware of the dangers related to railway traffic, reducing the number of railway accidents by increasing people’s awareness and finding opportunities for preventing railway accidents.

During the week OLE involves different interest groups in organising joint events. It includes our cooperation partners who have the opportunity to introduce their activities in the respective area.

This year we are paying special attention to pedestrians who are the most endangered group. How can pedestrians avoid railway accidents?

Campaign “Win a minute, lose a life”

You can cross railway only in proper locations.
You should make sure that it is safe to cross railway before taking your first step.
If you can hear sound, see flashing red lights or gates being down while approaching a crossing - it means that a train is approaching.
It is prohibited to climb under or over standing trains.
You are risking with your life while running across a road/railway at the last minute.
You can win a minute or lose your life....
TV Video

Campaign “Win a minute, lose a life” watch the video!

Reducing the number of railway accidents by improving the awareness of our citizens.

Current situations
In 2005 11 people were injured as a result of 25 train-motor vehicle collisions at level crossings. There were no fatalities. In 2004 6 people died in 20 level crossing accidents and 12 were injured. In 2006 we have had 5 such collisions and 4 people have been injured.

In 2005 there were 23 pedestrians hit by railway rolling stock, 18 of them died. During the first 16 weeks of 2006 we have had 4 incautious pedestrians losing their life on the railway.

If level crossing collisions are mostly caused by the inattentiveness and negligence of motor vehicle divers then the reasons of pedestrian accidents often remain unclear. Avoiding an accident is sometimes impossible as pedestrians step in front of trains unexpectedly and from places where they cannot be seen. Several of the people involved in the accidents had consumed alcohol.

The railway safety campaign is supported by:

AS Eesti Raudtee
Railway Inspectorate
Association of Estonian Broadcasters
Edelaraudtee Infrastruktuuri AS
Elektriraudtee AS
Rööbasteede Ehituse AS
Tallinn City Government
Road Administration
Estonian Neighbourhood Watch
Estonian Police
OÜ Autosõit
Tartu Exhibitions
Estonian School Miss

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