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OL Railway safety campaigns
OLE safety campaign HOME FOR CHRISTMAS
Railway safety organisation Operation Lifesaver Estonia (OLE) and Estonian Railway Inspectorate organise on 17-26 December 2007 a safety campaign with the objective to remind to people busy with the year-end rush that they should spare more time for crossing railway.

“Let the train pass – you are expected home for Christmas!” This is the slogan of the Christmas campaign that has remained unchanged already for four years.

The last month of the year is busy and full of rushing. It seems just impossible to delay any of that. That is why we keep on rushing and try to use each minute as efficiently as possible. The minutes spent waiting behind level crossing gates or flashing lights may seem to last forever. But this is just a few steps away from doing something that you cannot forgive yourself for the rest of your life or what our close ones can never understand.

OLE’s Christmas campaign is organised to remind everybody that more than expecting any presents, however big and gorgeous they might be, people are expecting their close ones. Knowing that should be enough for crossing railway safely and by doing that we can be sure that our close ones can lit the candles of joy on their Christmas trees and not the candles of grief on our graves.

In addition to the TV and radio commercials developed by OLE, the campaign includes posters on streets, railway stations, trains, in printed media and in the Internet.

OLE hopes that the advertisements created with warm hearts and simple tools will be easily noticed among the others and that their message will be recalled the right time.

For additional information contact:

Margus Värav
Acting Manager of OLE
Telephone (+372) 615 7777
GSM 512 9109
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What is OLE?
OLE is a non-profit organisation founded on 19 November 2004 and is an affiliate of Operation Lifesaver Inc. ( founded in 1972 by the Association of American Railroads, National Railway Passengers’ Corporation and the Railway Progress Institute.

The main activities of OLE include informing the general public about dangers involved on railway and reducing the number of railway accidents by increasing people’s awareness.
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