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OL Railway safety campaigns
Railway Safety Week "RSW"- 25.04-01.05 2005

Railway Safety Week was organized in Estonia for the first time.
This is a series of campaign events lasting from April 25 to May 1, 2005. In the following years our Railway Safety Week should take place during the last week of April – simultaneously with the similar projects in the USA and Canada i.e. countries that started Operation Lifesaver program.

The objectives of the Safety Week are informing the general public about the dangers related to railway traffic, reducing the number of railway accidents by increasing the awareness of the public and explaining the opportunities for preventing railway accidents. During the Safety Week OLE organizes events in cooperation with different interested parties who are provided the opportunity to publicize their activities in this area.

The main event of the week is the simulated collision between a locomotive and a passenger car that will take place on April 26 at noon in railway territory next to Betooni Street. This staged accident should make people to become aware what are the dangers in case of violating the traffic regulations at railway level crossings.
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